Happy New Year; Citizen's of Rapture!

As Andrew Ryan once stated back in 1958, it has been a year of trials for us all. Tonight I wish to remind each of you that Rapture is our city. It was our strength and will that brought us here and with that strength we shall rebuild. The Rapture Archives offers everyone a toast. To Rapture, 2021. May it be our finest year.

Citizens should make sure that if they wish to listen to Rapture Radio and it is not working, make sure that autoplay is not blocked for RaptureArchives.org. Also toggle on and off the radio streaming service by clicking/tapping on the speaker on right side of the main page. Alternatively you can listen to Rapture Radio using the radio service in the exhibits section. Rapture Radio no longer requires Flash to function and will work on computer terminals and portable multimedia devices that support the most common browsers available.

I am happy to report that the trip topside back in October 2020 was a success, a terminal in long term storage since the end of SITS powered on and restored its session from hibernation immediately. The browser window still had a running instance of Bioshock related tabs open that are no longer available online; the memory of that saved session has been saved to auxiliary storage and will be sorted through in the coming months. The data that was once thought to have been recovered from flash memory cards is now confirmed to be recovered. The problem resulted in faulty cards saying that the data existed on the cards when it actually didn't. A valuable lesson has been learned and the damage that resulted from that has been remedied courtesy of the storage backup that was recovered in October.

As many citizens are aware, Flash is no longer supported as of the 31st of December 2020, but do not despair because Flash content will still be available until January 12th when all support for Flash will cease on all major browsers. At that point you will have to manually setup your browser to allow RaptureArchives.org to play Flash content. A third party developer is working on a browser plugin for Flash content, I think this plugin, known as Ruffle will be sufficient to keep the SITS archive running for years to come. The SITS archive is not going anywhere as I stated in a previous update. I won't remove the content from the Archives simply because it is not viewable by some or by all, the mission of this site is preservation and preservation has always been my number one priority. The rest of the Archives is going to be transitioning away from Flash content, the only exception will be SITS itself. As we move further into 2021 more visitors will be visiting the Archives on mobile multimedia devices, rather than terminals. The site will adapt to the changing trends in the way visitors visit the Archives.



The Rapture Archives is aware that at the end of 2020, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported by all major browsers. We are working with a third party to see if we can offer the same Flash experience using third party software. Once Flash is no longer supported we will offer a way to experience SITS without the need to run third party software that is fully compatible with HTML 5 compliance. The original SITS archive will not go anywhere after December 2020; there will be a button to view each days articles/changes either through Flash or HTML 5. According to an old drive manifest there is still data from the SITS archives that has yet to be recovered from an old terminal in storage. We are hopeful that the data remains intact so that guests can finally see what the puzzle boxes looked like animated. The journey to retrieve the old terminal will take place in late October, a message will be posted to notify visitors if the journey was a success.



Today marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of RaptureArchives.org.

On the 30th of March 2010 the first exhibits of the museum officially opened.

While reports of the situation topside continue to get worse, things here have not been much better. Cathedral Plaza where the Rapture Archives is located has been on lock down and under quarantine for some time. The Council has been in an uproar as authorities try to track down and quarantine everyone that came in contact with patient zero over the last few weeks. While smuggling has resulted in a plethora of items available from topside it has also exposed smugglers to the diseases and their mutations above that doctors here are not familiar with. Scientists from the Health Medical Corp have been analyzing the virus and studying its properties to develop a cure which is already under way, if the reports are to be believed. Scientists on the surface are also making headway so the race for the cure is on.

It is our duty as citizens of this great city to remind each other that we all move the Great Chain, and the Great Chain moves us all. While the cornerstone of Rapture's economic principles still stands we have to remember that we have an obligation to protect the welfare and safety of our great city, we are a family and family sticks together through thick and thin. The Council has been discussing in great detail what to do to stave off a second bank crash while quelling the concerns of citizens that have lost contact with their loved ones as communication has broken down in some sectors. Jet-Postal has resorted to sending out letter carriers to keep citizens in quarantined areas of the city in communication with others as they repair the Pneumo Tubes in the affected sectors.

All non essential bathysphere travel has been suspended; stay in your homes until further notice and do not engage in fights with the authorities as we deal with this crisis. If you or anyone else in your residence is not feeling well over multiple days; contact Rapture Emergency Services, they will determine if medical staff needs to enter the premises to remove and treat infected citizens. If provisions in your residence are running low please contact RES as well and they will connect you with a staff member that can arrange for emergency rations to be sent to your location.

Anniversary celebrations have been put on hold, but Rapture Radio has stated they will continue to broadcast during the crisis. The decision has been approved by the Council and Sonorous Inc.

Remember; bathysphere travel is for essential personnel only, citizens found attempting to travel without authorization may face fines or be relocated to Apollo Square; stay on the level and out of trouble.



Stay Tuned.



Please pardon our dust

Update: Rapture Radio has been restored thank you for waiting while we negotiated a new contract. It's important to us that we offer a quality radio service all while keeping costs down as much as possible. Finding the proper balance is important and takes time, we appreciate your patience and feedback while our service was offline.

Rapture Radio will be offline until October 1st. The system that maintained the radio service is no longer available and an alternative will need to be arranged. The system has been backed up and will be restored. Additional information will be posted to address the concerns of citizens. We regret any inconvenience and appreciate your patience, thank you.



Good Evening, Rapture.

Our special broadcast continues for a few more hours. If you hear static from the radio, no worries, the live broadcast will reset every 2 hours. When our special broadcast is over with at midnight, Rapture Radio will update with 6 more hours of tracks for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoyed the special broadcast of Rapture Radio as it was heard on February 9th 2010. Don't forget to leave a comment in our guestbook or contact us if you enjoyed it.



Good Day, Rapture.

February marks the turning point for the Rapture Archives. Archivists Sven and Grisha are moving on and leaving the team. They were supposed to leave earlier, but postponed their departure to help tidy up a few things. I wish them continued success in all their future endeavors. This means I am now alone, stuck in Hephaestus, and yet there is no 'I' in team... well that's showbiz. What does this mean exactly? all questions, comments, and hate mail will now be solely forwarded to me. =)

As Sander Cohen would say, the show must go on! and indeed it will. The radio DJ and I are the new team, even though he is a man of very few words. We will continue with our regularly scheduled programming, resuming with the February 9th, five year anniversary broadcast, it's guaranteed to end with a bang. The broadcast starts at 0:00 EST on Monday, February 9th and will end promptly at 0:00 EST Tuesday, February 10th. This will allow listeners from all over Rapture to tune in when its convenient for them. When the broadcast is over, Rapture Radio will start broadcasting dozens of new tracks and re-enable tracks that were discarded by the DJ for being unpopular. All tracks now have another chance of staying on the air. Many of the new tracks were recommended by listeners like you, thank you citizens.



Greetings, citizens.

It has been almost 5 years since the masquerade ball broadcast was on the air on February 9th 2010. Ever since we brought Rapture Radio back, citizens have continued to tune in and listen from all over the city. Over 130 different sectors of the city have tuned in to listen to Rapture Radio, which surprised us.

Our radio audience has been consistent ever since we first went on the air and continues to grow. Our radio announcer with help from the Thinker keeps track of what songs are popular to our listeners. Tracks that fall below the threshold we set, are removed. Tracks that are removed are kept in a separate list and reported to us.

We noticed, as radio traffic increased, less songs were being reported as falling below the threshold. On February 9th we will air all original tracks that played on Rapture Radio, February 9th 2010, including the masquerade ball broadcast. Once the broadcast is over with, all tracks that were removed up until now will be restored, this will give tracks another chance of staying on the air. Additional tracks will also be added. More information will be posted when it becomes available.



Archive Construction Progress Update:

Rapture Radio functionality has been fixed, Sonorous radios will now display proper information.

We are working around the clock to get layout issues resolved. Most landing pages will be fixed today. We have brought back former archivist, Grisha to make the transition smoother. If guests have trouble accessing exhibits in a few days, please notify us immediately. Thank you.

Update: Most landing pages have been repaired now, a common problem we are hearing from guests is problems navigating the SomethingintheSea.com exhibit. Please make sure you view the SitS archive with a browser zoom of 90-100% The SitS exhibit is not optimized for accommodating browsers that zoom/magnify elements on the screen past 100% of normal resolution.



Archive Construction In Progress:

The museum will be under heavy construction for the next few days while we fix and touch up a few things. Old links will be permanently broken. New links will be created, and legacy support for older links will be indexed. Please stay with your group to avoid getting lost, and pardon our dust during construction, thank you.

We regret any inconvenience.



Archive Update:

As we approach May, things will start to kick off once again. The SitS exhibit will be updated, as well as the audio diary section to reflect the changes that have occurred in Rapture over the past year. Expect updates to roll out in mid May.

We're all sorry to hear about the closing of the IG Tabulation Company in Minerva's Den, they brought ground breaking technological advancement to Rapture and the products they created were that of true visonaries. We wish each of them and their families best wishes and hope they find work elsewhere, at Ryan Industries or somewhere else.



Greetings citizens of Rapture.

Rapture Radio has been repaired and all tracks have been restored. During our long hiatus we have received additional data for the missing days of SITS. We will fix those days later in November and the credits section will be populated accordingly. Many exciting things have happened since our hiatus, the archive gained two new staff members during the break, who are historical experts. We are pleased to have them working with us. Areas of the archive will be given a graphical update and new sections will be opening. If guests have any questions or concerns send a message through the Pneumo it will be delivered in a flash!

Update: Audio diary links have been fixed, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Enjoy!



UPDATE 14-08-2013: Part 2 Days 03-16 - Answering machine message logs have been fixed. Days 100-123 - Answering machine message logs has been fixed. Thank you to Rapturian, R.B. for bringing this to our attention.

SomethingintheSea archive is now 'Complete'. Yes we thought you'd like the sound of that!

The archive is as complete as we can make it, all the days we have data for has been posted and is now available.

The Archive needs help tracking files down that other citizens might have in auxiliary storage. If you want to help, mail us through the pneumo and we will send you the small list. Thank you.

Citizens, if any errors are found in the SITS exhibit please contact us an indicate which day(s) or what error you are experiencing. Polishing the exhibit is the next step in the preservation schedule.

We are aware, puzzle boxes are broken or not functioning, we are working to display them in a separate section of the SITS exhibit.

I apologize for all the delays that occurred, it was my fault and not the rest of the archive team, who have been working long hours across multiple time zones to quickly push this out the door once the storage drives were recovered. Thank you to everyone who offered support and feedback during this year long journey. I hope this archive brings Bioshock fans closer together and resparks the fun and excitement many of us experienced when we peeked into Mark Meltzer's office all those years ago. Enjoy!



Attention: SITS Archive Updated

During our recovery process we thought all days had been preserved, it seems we celebrated to soon. The data we thought had been recovered turned out to be garbage files with only header information intact.

Data on my end is not recoverable, perhaps one of our other archivists who lives in another part of Rapture can help. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Greetings Citizens

Great news! our staff have resolved the technical issues with all remaining days left of SitS. Puzzles have not been recovered unfortunately. All days up to 179 that we have data for will be available June 1st. We apologize for all the delays, but you know the old saying, 6th times the charm! The staff will also return to work at the end of May, finishing up exhibits that have been unfinished for months. Yes we thought you'd like the sound of that!



Rapture Radio has suddenly gone off the air, we are working with engineers and technicians to resolve the problem, please pardon our dust.

UPDATE: 19-03-2013 Rapture Radio short wave broadcast has resumed across Rapture, enjoy citizens!

UPDATE: 19-03-2013 Sonorous Radios now display proper information, thank you for your patience.


There was a server failure that has been resolved, this is why the site was down for two weeks. We have restored the site using multiple backups, and have added up to day 110 for SitS. Please contact us if the site is not working like it was before the failure, Thank you.

New Year's Eve 2013 celebration aftermath photo.



Happy New Year Rapture!

It has been a year of struggles and great divide throughout the city, the balance of power has shifted, as alliances crumble and new factions are born. Cathedral still stands but other locations are not so lucky, which gives us all the more reason to be thankful this New Year's day. This was the first year a party was open to the public and we had quite a turn out. We hope to see a larger turn out next year. The time has come to get back to business and repair areas in the museum, while adding more days to the SitS exhibit. We will continue to add days little by little each day until day 179 is reached. More details will be released later, along with a photo of the aftermath at the New Year's party here in Cathedral.


Season's Greetings, citizens of Rapture!

It's that time of year again, the staff will be returning to continue work on the archives. We apologize for not keeping you informed over the last 6 months, a system has been created to better inform visitors on our progress. Jet Postal has been busy delivering all the pneumograms you have been sending us, almost on a daily basis.

Many guests were concerned if the SITS archive was going to be completed, this is our top priority. Over the next few days, the staff will have a meeting and decide who finishes what. We can confirm the gift shop will open in the middle of January, once the archiving of SITS is complete. The marquee will change once we are in full swing, stay tuned.



Greetings, citizens of Rapture.

The Somethinginthesea exhibit has been opened to visitors, the archive will expand in the coming weeks as we resolve issues and do our best to make the experience as true to the original as possible. The materials presented in this exhibit have been in our vault for a long time and the small group of archivists here at RA have become attached to this collection of data. It brings us great joy to offer our visitors a chance to look inside the looking glass and experience what it was like to view sits a few years ago.

Rapture radio will go off air, next week. The station will return, once we are done relocating the system. The station will be implemented differently as well. All Sonorous radios will still work, there is no need to discard them.

The bulletin board will keep all visitors up to date in real time, showing specifically what is being worked on, Stay tuned.



Dear citizens of Rapture!

We made a promise long ago. We said if Somethinginthesea.com was taken down, we would release the complete archive we have, of SITS, that is in our vault collecting dust. We were told last week that SITS will not be returning and it has permanently been taken down.

Starting June 15, we will release all of Phase 1 and half of Phase 2, don't worry though citizen the rest of Phase 2 and all of Phase 3 will be released a couple weeks later.

Yes, we thought you'd like the sound of that!

Other projects have been put on hold, we feel this is our main priority, we regret any inconvenience



Jet Postal Pneumo Malfunction Notice:

Attention citizens of Rapture,

The Pneumo Postal System suffered a malfunction from December 26 - January 29. If you sent a message during any of these days, it arrived to us scrambled and non readable. We regret any inconvenience. Our engineers have fixed the system, and have put it through rigorous testing to ensure it is working properly.

In other news, optimization is complete, and exhibits will be fully repaired and or updated on February 3rd.



Good morning citizens,

On the 10th of February at 9:00 PM EST, Rapture Radio will re air the New Years Eve 1959 broadcast in its entirety. The event will last for 3 hours and end promptly at midnight EST. Rapture Radio will go off the air at that time but there will be no cause for alarm. We are informing you now, to prevent panic of an attack that is not really occurring.

We invite you to sit your children down and listen as a family, and explain to them what happened on that day in history. Once the broadcast is over, a new batch of songs will play on the radio courtesy of Sonorous Inc. enjoy!



Happy New Year!

Celebration continues here in Cathedral well into the early morning. The biggest event all year round has brought people from all the remaining protected areas together. The buildings are all a glow and people are singing and dancing, while the band plays in the center of the plaza.

In the past year Rapture has suffered immensely with great loss, but you would never know from all the cheerful faces seen here tonight. If your watching the party from home, don't wait any longer and come on down and join the fun, after all it only comes once a year!

The festivities will last well into February so if you can't make it tonight or tomorrow don't worry citizen, the plaza will remain a glow. Information regarding the archives will be posted when the celebration calms.



Good Morning Rapture!

We have resolved the issues we were having with our short wave broadcast service, Rapture Radio has resumed, enjoy.

In other news, as we approach the middle of July, further updates and improvements will be seen.



The Wonderful World of Plasmids exhibit has been given an update and all projectors are now working. Visitors may have noticed that Rapture Radio suddenly went off the air, we are working to resolve the problem.

Quite a few visitors sent pneumograms to our office telling us what they wanted to see next. The archive team is working on other priorities at the moment but we will display certain content that has been requested when we get a chance.



The first screening room has opened to the public, showcasing story board footage that never made it past pencil and paper. Additional screening rooms will open later in the week as well. We would also like to give visitors a chance to tell us what they want to see archived in the future, enjoy.



Greetings citizens of Rapture, over the next few days a large archive of video footage will be available to visitors, this will include old broadcasts, commercials, and more. In the mean time guests can view a collection of icons collected during the time of Sinclair Solutions Consumer Rewards program and the war. All icons will be available soon as well, more information when it becomes available. Enjoy!



Rapture Central Computing is now open to the public. Remember absolutely no flash photography or audio recordings are permitted inside Minerva's Den. Citizens can get a souvenir photo of themselves in front of Auguste Rodin's The Thinker. Exhibits pertaining to RCC have been opened. Enjoy!



We mentioned back in March we were preparing for the reopening of Rapture Central Computing to the public. We were not sure when RCC would reopen, but we now have a confirmed date. On May 31st Minervas Den will be reopening. The archive will open exhibits related to RCC which have been closed, on that day. The first screening room will open to visitors, showcasing how computing has evolved through out history and how the events of WWII started the computing industry here in Rapture, and topside.



The list of original tracks played on Rapture Radio from February 9th - April 29th 2010 is available at the Sonorous booth in the main lobby.



Today marks the one year anniversary of Rapture Radio going off air, but Sonorous Inc. in partnership with RaptureArchives.org is proud to announce that Rapture Radio has returned. The Sonorous Media Group has setup a booth in the museum lobby, citizens can stop by and pickup the latest transistor radio marketed by Sonorous.

During this week the archive will be under routine maintenance, some areas of the archive may be closed temporarily.



Citizens entering the museum lobby will notice a preview of many new areas. Most of these will be opening in the next couple of weeks, and improvements to current areas of the museum will be happening as well. Check back on the 29th for the launch of Rapture Radio as well.



We mentioned on New Year's day, Rapture Radio would be returning, and we now have a set release date.

On April 29th, the radio station will return, exactly one year after it went off the air. Citizens can tune in using a Sonorous transistor radio. Sonorous will be handing them out all day on the 29th in the main lobby, we hope to see you there.



New portraits have been added in the advertising gallery, while we prepare for the reopening of Rapture Central Computing to the public.



New portraits have been added to the Concepts & Design Gallery.

Visitors may notice some things changed, we are working in multiple areas of the archive. Exhibits may be closed or reopened without any update posted in the lobby. There are too many updates occurring all at once, it is difficult to list them all.



Music has always been an important part of our lives here in Rapture, and helps to prevent certain rainy day blues.

All the music we broadcast here, came directly from vinyl records donated to us. Our music catalog spans up to 1959, shortly before the council banned new music from being purchased. There is one record that was donated which has puzzled our staff, and at one time the scientists down in Central Computing. It was brought here from the wreckage of DF-0301, the sleeve did not survive but the record has the word 'Stereophonic' etched on it.

The boys at Central Computing have modified a analog player and the stylus to properly play the LP. The audio does not playback properly on our loudspeakers, however a solution has been implemented, with the help from audio engineers and blueprints for 'Spatial Ambience' that belonged to Carlson Fiddle. When visitors enter the the museum lobby, if they stand directly under one of the loudspeakers, they will hear the music as if it's coming from multiple directions compared to the standard monophonic audio we have listened to all these years. The world topside sure is clever.

In other news, portraits in the advertising gallery have been restored.



Portraits in the advertising gallery will be returned shortly, our partner archive is relocating.

Some of you may have noticed the archive staff going to and from the basement with boxes and monitors.
We have been busy restoring and repairing old film reels that have been collecting dust for some time.

All major exhibits that are dependant on motion imagery are being finalized, and projectors and television monitors have been installed and are undergoing final testing.

Don't forget to sign our guestbook on the desk in the museum lobby.



Pardon our dust. Thanks to a good citizen of our city, we have been notified that the advertising gallery is missing all its portraits. We are working to resolve the issue with our partner archive. We regret any inconvenience.



Greetings, Citizens of Rapture.

Now that the festivities of New Years has been cleaned up around Cathedral, things are returning to normal here.
The Sights & Sounds exhibit has opened a new gallery, showcasing concept and design work.




Happy New Year Citizens of Rapture!

Celebration went on without a hitch here in Cathedral. With 2010 behind us, it's time to move forward. While sections of Rapture are coming back to life, we have been hard at work, and our projectors have been repaired. During our holiday break, we hired a new archivist, Sven. He will be working with the restoration department behind the scenes.

Visitors will be delighted to know, that we have more stuff to display now, than we did back in 2010.

Rapture Radio will resume broadcasting from its downtime since April, citizens will be able to listen from anywhere in Rapture, using Sonorous Radio.



Full size ads have been added to the advertising gallery, visitors will be redirected to our partner site.

Happy Holidays from the Rapture Archives. Santa will be available for photos at Burgens' Emporium. Don't forget citizens, have your ID card visibly pinned to your shirts. Security checkpoints have been doubled this year in Cathedral Plaza to prevent a repeat of the events last year.



The gallery has been updated with rarely seen ads from Rapture, located in the Sights & Sounds exhibit.

Visitors have asked us more than once if we are going to offer any film materials. We have requested a maintenance team to repair our projectors. Once this task is finished, previously mentioned exhibits will open.



The data algorithm used in AuXiliary Binary Output EXtension 03600 devices has been decoded.

The data analyzing department is already working on getting the information from punch card format into a native format for our visitors.



Postcards advertising different areas of Rapture have been added to the archive in the Sights & Sounds exhibit.




Alternate diary portraits for Fontaine, Alex the Great, and Leo Hartwig have been added as supplemental material in the audio transcripts section.




Visitors browsing the Sights & Sounds exhibit will notice a preview of the advertising gallery. More ads need be placed on the walls, including some that have never been seen before. The exhibit is being constructed with the help of another archive group. We are working with them to hopefully offer visitors a complete, accurate archive that is safe with an ad free environment!



Happy Anniversary Rapture!

On this day in history, 5th of November 1946, the first buildings of Rapture finished construction.



A wallpaper that was unreleased for Subject Delta has been added to the archive. Enjoy!



Rapture Archives will be under new management on November 1st. Due to other obligations, I am unable to continue my work here. I understand there is more content that visitors would like to see. The plan was to close down, however Tapper has offered to take control of the archives fully. He will be the curator and manager starting November 1st.

Any comments/complaints should be addressed to him.



More icons have been added to the Museum under the 'Goodies' section in their native resolution. Enjoy!



All the achievements/trophies that can be discovered in Rapture have been added to the Museum under the 'Goodies' section.



It has come to our attention that citizens of Rapture are using materials displayed by us for their own projects. We approve of this practice providing citizens give credit back to RaptureArchives.org. The archivists and researchers here volunteer their time, so please respect them and credit them for their hard work. Some are very concerned about what is happening around here and are suggesting that the archives lock down their resources.

The 'SomethingintheSea' exhibit is almost complete. Our archive team has been working around the clock making sure the materials we display in the exhibit are historically accurate and are the highest quality that we can offer.

In other news, I would like to introduce our new archivist and researcher, Tapper. He will be helping out around here.



During the last month we have been negotiating with a private collector on all aspects of Rapture. They have offered us all notes and archives regarding the journey of the topsider Mark Meltzer. We will be working with this individual very closely in the next few weeks. They also have information on a prototype city that existed before? Rapture.

Thanks to this collector the merchandise exhibit will be filled with nearly every single item that has been released public and private to citizens of Rapture.



The audio/visual department has finished adding the recordings of the diaries provided by Jack Wynand. Guests also have the option to save them to their own terminals in a bundle.

There was a recent attack on our organization that we feel should be posted to the public. All content in our archives is provided freely and openly. If the landlord (2k) would like something removed simply send a Pneumo-Gram to the Ryan Industries mail room (jetpostal@rapturearchives.org). Any mail not postmarked from the landlord will be assumed as fraud. Thank you for your understanding and support on this delicate matter.



We have received numerous feedback from citizens asking if we could offer all the audio diaries in a bundle. This is now available in the Museum Section.

The audio/visual department has added transcripts and recordings of the diaries found on the cult. Guests also have the option to save them to their own terminals in a bundle.

Wallpapers and profile icons have been added to our archive as well. We would like to thank the Rapturian that kindly provided us with this source material.



The audio/visual department is finished with the audio from the diaries that Eleanor gave us. The audio recordings along with their transcripts are in the museum section. The recordings provided by Jack Wynand will be available soon to our visitors.

We have finished remastering the radio recording of the now infamous 1959 Masquerade Ball. One can hear the actual attack at the Kashmir Restaurant before it cuts out. Visitors can listen to it on the loudspeakers in the museum section.

In other news we would like to thank all of our guests with their generous feedback. We hope that you will continue to support us as investigations are on going.



Audio recordings with transcripts from citizens that participated in Sinclair Solutions product testing is now available for our visitors to enjoy.

The audio/visual department is still tinkering with the audio from the diaries that Eleanor Lamb and Jack Wynand offered us. More information will be posted when it becomes available.



The Sights & Sounds of Rapture exhibit has opened. Check it out in the museum section.

The Rapture Archives will be seized by authorities. A section of the basement wall contained smuggled goods from Fontaine's supporters. Please bear with us as the investigation continues.



We have acquired the audio logs from a few people that were part of the Sinclair Solutions Product Testing Program. The audio/visual department will put these on display soon.

Audio of the Kashmir attack of 1959 has been uncovered in a wooden box in an abandoned storage room. The audio is damaged but our team is working on restoring the audio as best they can.



A Visual Creation of Rapture, is now open. The displays and audio narrative have been restored.

The exhibit is in a temporary room until we can move it to its proper area.

Another exhibit will be opening up soon: The Wonderful World of Plasmids. Check back soon for more information.

The audio department is almost finished with transferring the audio from recorders to vinyl. Once completed, visitors will be able to hear recordings left by citizens of Rapture that date back years ago.



The diaries that Subject Delta collected in his travels are now on display in the museum, we kindly thank Eleanor Lamb for providing us with the recordings. Audio soon to follow.

Another exhibit will be opening up soon: A Visual Creation of Rapture. Check back soon for more information.



When Jack Wynand gave back the key to the city, he kindly offered us all the audio recordings he had gathered in his travels, our team of archivists have typed up transcripts of all the diaries he gave us. The audio department is transferring the reels from the recorders to vinyl so we can offer visitors the option to hear voices from the past.

The transcripts are on display in the museum, Eleanor Lamb has also provided us with the recordings collected by Subject Delta, more information when it becomes available.

In other news, the merchandise exhibit will be adding dozens of photos kindly provided by an avid collector, we thank them greatly for their contribution to our cause, more information as it becomes available.



Our catalog of musical records has been updated in the museum, all music broadcasting through rapture has been approved by Sonorous Inc.



Our engineers have been working around the clock to fix a few leaks in the area, once its completed we will be back on schedule with the cleanup. Please pardon our dust.



One of the previously closed exhibits has reopened after the attack. The merchandise museum will be adding more items to the display as it becomes available. Check back soon for more information as it becomes available.